You can find me on Sessions Live 

I was recruited to join a fairly new live streaming platform called 'Sessions Live.' It's definitely a service that has evolved out of the COVID pandemic, but nonetheless, it's a pretty neat system. You can go on there and find online tickets for your favorite acts, or just check out what the Sessions Live community is streaming and throw them a tip. So far, artists like The Barenaked Ladies, Andrew Bird and Jukebox The Ghost are just a few that I've seen on the platform. Anyways, go to and join my crew - just search John Budnik Band.

'Crossroads' out June 4 

‘Crossroads’ out June 4 wherever you stream your music. If you subscribe to my YouTube channel, then this cover song of Robert Johnson’s ‘Cross Road Blues’ /@creambandofficial’s ‘Crossroads’ won’t be new. I decided to slap some artwork on my cover of this oldie and distribute it on the major streaming services. Get down on it, Budheads.

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